The Kung Fu nuns are a group of young nuns belonging to the Drupka lineage – a thousand year Buddhist tradition, who have adopted Kung Fu as a means to build strength and champion gender equality. Breaking a centuries-long social order that favors men in leadership, these nuns have become an example of kindness in its fiercest form — empowering themselves and others to truly serve others. As champions of equality and environmentalism, these young women are known for their epic acts of service. Their recent 5,200-mile “Bicycle Yatra for Peace” from Nepal to Ladakh, India took over three months, as they stopped in hundreds of villages teaching environmental conservation and to speak out against human trafficking. They also run free health clinics, rescue injured animals, help in disaster relief, promote self defence among young girls and have now manually removed thousands of pounds of plastic litter from across the Himalayas and India.