Murugappa Group Scion

Dr. Valli Arunachalam is the daughter of Late MV Murugappan, the patriarch of the multi-billion dollar family-owned, Murugappa Group. Her dream was to establish her independence as a career woman in her own right. She obtained a Ph.D. degree in nuclear engineering from Texas A&M University, and went on to have a very rewarding and successful career in Semiconductor Technology and has numerous patents to her credit.
The death of her father in 2017 changed her life forever. For generations, the management of the Murugappa business has been a male-only bastion. For the first time, a male member had passed on without any male heirs. Although her father willed his entire estate to her mother, sister and her, for the past 3 years they have been fighting an uphill battle with the family to either settle their stake in the family business at fair value, or allow them into the business. Both of which they have refused to do.​