Director, Department of Assisted Reproduction, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai

Dr. Firuza is rated amongst India’s top ten doctors. She has been responsible for the births of close to 11000 ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) babies including, most famously, Farah Khan’s triplets. Considered one of India’s leading ART specialists, her book “The Complete Guide to Becoming Pregnant” is aimed at couples who “don’t know what to do” when they fail to conceive. Inspired by the birth of the first test tube baby Louise Brown, Firuza honed her skills through a Fellowship at Yale. On her return to India, she was invited by Jaslok hospital to set up the IVF clinic in 1989 and the rest as they say, is history. With clients from over 40 countries she has helped couples from across the social spectrum be it Hollywood, Bollywood or rural India. She has also established a full-fledged IVF centre in Kashmir to help local women whose reproductive health is directly affected by conditions in the state.​