Is enough being done to help women reach leadership positions in the tech sector?

Women have a lot to offer in technology and their inclusion leads to creative thought, increased innovation, and better problem-solving. As our personal and working lives become increasingly shaped by technology – technology products and services cannot be developed and delivered based on the perspectives of only one half of the population, and not designed with the needs of everyone in mind.

Women now constitute 30% of the workforce in India’s Tech sector.

However, the numbers drop dramatically at middle and senior levels. Globally, there is a positive correlation between business performance and women representation in senior management.

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Thank you for participating in the debate. 67% of you believe that enough is being done to help women reach leadership positions in the tech sector. Some of you have made some pertinent points related to women's education and careers in technology. Support for education, better pay scales and more leadership opportunities are just some of the things that need to be done. We close this debate with the hope for more equitable opportunities for both genders.


Good morning and welcome back! So far, about 65% of you believe that enough is already being done to help women reach leadership positions in the tech sector. Did you know that 46 per cent of Indian women between the ages of 15 to 65 own a mobile phone, compared to 79% of their male counterparts? The gender gap is not just in technology ownership, but also in education and employment. Only 4.8 per cent of the females in the age group 15-59 received formal and non-formal vocational/ technical training in 2017-2018. The IT and ITES sector in India employs 34 per cent women but many exit within the first 5 years in the job. So what do you think - Is enough being done to help women reach leadership positions in the tech sector?


One report found out that while a considerable number of Indian women join IT companies, the drop-out rate within the first year is very high. What is it that makes Technology sector in India not so conducive for women? Are women equally suited to work in STEM?


Welcome to the second day of our ongoing debate about women in Technology. India has one of the highest percentages of women entering STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) education. India has 32% women in engineering education, compared to just 20% in the US and 28% in the European Union. If so many women are studying Technology, why do we not see fair representation in the industry, particularly at middle and senior levels? Is enough being done to help women reach leadership positions in the tech sector? Please share your opinion.


Even though there has occurred tremendous changes and growth in the tech industry, women are still underpresented and unpaid. Companies are biased when it comes to hiring and the pay scale varies dramatically. I would like to think that we have started to change but stating that enough has been done would sound more like a clichè.

Krishna Poddar
Madhuri Sharma

yes, our voice is important too.Women are making huge strides in the tech industry, but its sad that many companies are failing to notice and observe this change. The Tech industry has long been a male-dominated world but as we entered a new decadeas we women also make use of technology. Its like breaking the glass ceiling is helping women understand and building confidence by supporting each other that they can reach these leadership positions too when they will be encouraged to choose courses in software and IT sector. lastly women have been making continuous positive impact in organisations ,the only thing is its the drawback that we are not giving importance to their work and its like "Mansplaining". Plus another study showed very few women choose careers in STEM sectors, and the belief that men are more suitable and successful in tech industry. so here we have to encourage and use strategies to educate women right from their young age to take technology as career.. so let us all come together to count their work in yse if technology. thanku


Hello, and welcome to another exciting debate here at ET Women's Forum 2020. We are living in an era where technology is a huge part of our professional and personal lives. However, the companies that make technology available to us employ mostly men, especially at the middle and senior levels. As women make 50% of the users of technology, isn't their voice important too? Is enough being done to help women reach leadership positions in the tech sector? We would love to hear your views.