Application form: Marketer of the year
One who can make a case for the impact he/she had on the marketing initiatives of the company. It is for someone who faced challenges, devised their aims and objectives, adopted a winning strategy through key insights and achieved success. The participant should be either Brand/Category Manager or Marketing Head and should be able to demonstrate effective deployment of various marketing communications resources.
Contact Details (for Awards coordination)
Marketing Spends
Product/Service Portfolio Information
Duration of managing the Key products/brands mentioned above
Please enter factual and specific information for the jury to evaluate. You could attach additional sheets if required. Please provide up to 3 supporting documents wherever applicable, to support your entry details. . Documents can be in any manner like any documents, marketing plan, collaterals, pictures of the ABL & BTL activities, newspaper clippings, feedback report, video etc. Supporting documents have to be in the following formats only – pdf, doc, jpeg etc. Size of each document cannot exceed 2 MB.
a. Notable campaigns that the marketer has been a part of during his tenure with the company, starting with the most recent
b. Success at meeting marketing objectives
c. Evidence of an evolving understanding of the target consumer
d. Top 3 strategies for implementing the marketing campaign
e. Impact of the strategies applied on the success measures of the campaign
a. Reach of the campaign
b. Sales and revenue (INR in crores)
c. Market growth of the product/brand
d. Brand Track Score (%)
e. Ability to optimise marketing spends