Women bring in more focus, objectivity & their presence on boards makes men perform better: M Damodaran

The law makes it compulsory for listed companies to have at least one woman on board, but that is surely not enough, corporate governance experts and eminent board members said at The Economic Times Women’s Forum… …more

More female workers will boost India’s GDP, says World Bank South Asia VP Annette Dixon

India can improve its economic growth rate by at least 1.5 percentage point if 50% of its women join the workforce, said Annette Dixon, World Bank’s vice president for the South Asia region… …more

The label that India's first plus-sized transgender model, Mona Varonica Campbell, built into a success story

Before she was known as Mona Varonica Campbell, she was Adapala Mohan Naidu, a young boy born to a father, who worked as a government employee, and a homemaker mother… …more

It’s always tricky trying to portray women, says artist Deepti Nair

As they make their way to The Regal Room of Trident Mumbai on Friday, delegates to The Economic Times Women’s Forum will see a stunning art installation in the foyer. Framed around a seven feet high metal stand… …more

Female roles have gained in substance in popular culture

The regressive stereotypes of women in Hindi and regional primetime television shows often camouflage the rebellious streak of bold, independent women in popular culture that has finally found its voice… …more

Several irregularities in Gender Budgeting in Rajasthan

The CAG report has revealed a grim picture of implementation of Gender Budgeting in Rajasthan where several irregularities, including non-implementation of schemes aimed at women empowerment……more

Dinaz Madhukar's advice for wannabe women hoteliers

Dinaz Madhukar can be called a veteran in the hospitality industry. The Executive Vice-President, DLF Luxury Retail & Hospitality, has over two decades of experience and has seen the transition……more

Women in leadership roles can help deliver better business performance

Indian businesses need more women at higher levels — as owners, CEOs or CXOs, and as board members. The designations are not of consequence, the leadership positions they occupy is what matters… …more

The Eclipse of the Indian Working Woman

While we were busy crowing about India’s improved ranking in the Ease of Doing Business last year, we failed to notice that some 2.4 million women became jobless in the first four months of 2017.. …more

'Woman voter more likely to vote for a male candidate'

A woman voter is more likely to vote for a male candidate than a man is to vote for a woman. The problem of fewer women in Parliament is not as much with the candidates as it is with the perception… …more

Avani becomes first-ever Indian woman to fly a fighter aircraft solo

Avani Chaturvedi never in her wildest dreams imagined she would one day become the first-ever Indian woman to break the sound barrier with resounding sonic booms in a supersonic fighter all alone…. …more

Women struggle to claim rightful seat in this house

India has fewer women in Parliament as a percentage than even Nepal because Indian party leaders believe women can’t get them the votes… …more

Revealed: Why this year's Economic Survey is pink in colour

The Economic Survey 2017-18 is printed in pink colour to underline the importance of gender issues to the economy. The survey points out that the North-Eastern states… …more

What is preventing women from turning entrepreneurs?

Fewer women than men are turning entrepreneurs because startups led by them are finding it tougher to get funding. Arguments in favour and against the topic flew thick and fast on February 15 at SPJIMR… …more

Gender diversity on boards improves, but more ground needs to be covered: Experts

The law that requires companies to have at least one woman director on their boards has helped improve gender diversity in boardrooms, though much ground still needs to be covered, experts said… …more

Campus debate series kicks off on gender pay parity

Are women paid less than men for similar jobs? An eclectic mix of arguments was made at this debate organised at the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, on February 9… …more

She's Mumbai's first woman station master

There are 997 station masters in Mumbai division, but only nine are women. Some joined only a few years ago,” says Mamta Kulkarni, the pioneer in the field who joined the Mumbai Division… …more

Mira Erda first female Indian driver to race in Euro JK series

Vadodara’s young racer Mira Erda will become the first Indian female driver to compete in one of the highest classes of Formula Racing in the country after signing up for the Euro JK series… …more

Kavita Devi becomes first Indian woman wrestler to sign with WWE

The women’s division of the WWE has lately become one of the company’s topmost priorities and keeping up with that trend, the company has recruited its first Indian signing in its rich history… …more

Three women pilots of IAF set to fly frontline military jets

The first three women fighter pilots of the country are set to script history next month when they will fly military jets after completing a strenuous training in the coming three weeks… …more

India’s GDP can expand by 27 per cent if women get equal representation

ET presents a snapshot of how women are faring on 10 diverse parameters. Many things are still not fair and right when it comes to gender equality… …more

GES 2017: Ivanka, Cherie, Chanda thrash out issues plaguing women

Power women Cherie Blair, Ivanka Trump, ICICI Bank’s Chanda Kochhar and Dell EMC’s CCO Karen Quintos packed a knockout punch in the opening session of the second day of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017.. …more

Here's how we can empower women entrepreneurship in India

In recent years, there has been a heart-warming paradigm shift of demographics in the Indian corporate landscape. The country has witnessed a titanic surge in the number of women entering the economic wave. …more

Walmart launches 2nd edition of women empowerment programme

Walmart India launched the second edition of Women Entrepreneurial Development Program (WEDP) as part of its women empowerment initiatives here. The program, which will be implemented by WEConnect …more