Joint MD and CEO, Ariana Hotels and Resorts

Amruda Nair has hotels and hospitality in her DNA. A third generation scion of the Leela Group, she is the CEO of Aiana Hotels and Resorts with a presence in Sauadi Arabia, Qatar and India. An award winning entrepreneur since 2011 she appeared on the Hotelier India Power List 2016 and won the Rising Star – South Asia award at the Hotel Investment Forum India (2016).

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Her View on gender and pay gap

Sexual discrimination in all forms is getting its rightful time in the spotlight and equal pay will hopefully also be a part of the broader agenda as economic independence is the foundation stone for gender equality that will give women the capacity and freedom to make their own decisions and participate fully in all aspects of life. Recognizing and valuing a woman’s contribution has an impact on a social and economic level and it can only be protected with the right systems and policies in place. In the hospitality space, where women make up for a significant part of the work force, businesses have been encouraged to tackle the issue through equal pay assessments which essentially answer two questions: 1) whether the role represents equal work? For example would a male and female staff member in the same role essentially carry out the same tasks. 2) If there is a genuine material factor attributing to the difference when the male staff’s pay is higher. For example, a longer term of service. The female member had been in the front office department for 10 years as opposed to a male member who is a recent hotel school graduate. As Governments mandate hotel companies to publish equal pay details, employers will have to take active steps towards closing the gap. As with most issues, measurable metrics that create awareness form the first steps in assessing and later tackling the problem.