The Economic Times Women’s Forum

How did women’s participation in the Indian workforce drop to 27% from 35% a decade ago? Why has India slipped 20 places in the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Index to 108 (out of 144 countries)? Why are only eight of the BSE 500 companies led by women? Why is the representation of women students in the top 6 IIMs barely a quarter? Why are women still not given a permanent-commission in the Indian Army (outside of legal and education streams)?

We know the answers but do we really have the solutions? For a traditionally patriarchal society, there are no easy measures. And yet, if you look around, you will notice some Wonder Women pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. From Olympic medallists, to panchayat heads, thriving startups, Bollywood directors, combat pilots, top financiers, these successful women embody the vast potential of a community that is half a billion strong.

How can we really unleash the power of this half a billion? Join us as we bring together the finest doers and the craziest dreamers on a single and diverse platform at The Economic Times Women’s Forum. Featuring keynote conversations, panel discussions, one-on-one interviews, interstitial spotlights and entertainment, The Economic Times Women’s Forum is not a talk shop but a fast-paced multimedia pageant. A platform for dialogue, learning, networking and empowering women to write the next chapter of India’s growth story. Be there and be the difference!